Casinos have always been a place for entertainment that brings joy and fortune to the guests. While some of the players make unimaginable amounts of money in a single night, some players also lose everything due to their compulsive habits. Nevertheless, casinos are always loaded with drama, suspense, and thrilling moments. While you may know casinos for the games like poker and slot machines, here are a few casino facts you probably did not know.

Casinos originated in Italy

While Macau and Las Vegas are the biggest locations for casinos today, the history of casino games can be traced back to Italy. The term ‘casino’ itself was originated in Italy, where ‘casa’ means house. First, the term ‘casino’ was used to name different establishments like social clubs and summerhouses. Organized gambling can also be traced back to 1638, after which several other countries started learning the games and art.

The biggest slot machine win

Casinos are known to make people filthy rich in a single day but do you know the biggest slot machine win in history was made in 2003 for $39.7 million. It was won by an unnamed software engineer who wagered $100 on the Megabucks at the Excalibur Casino. Las Vegas has 200,000 unique slot machines providing the most fun and wins for slot players.

slot machine

Slot machines must pay 70% RTP

Every slot machine has an RTP that defines your chances of winning the game. RTP means Return to Player, which defines the money that is expected to be paid out to the players. Every machine must mention its RTP to the players and have a minimum of 70%. It means that for every $1 spent on the machine, 70 cents must be paid back to the player at an average. The best games can have RTP as high as 99%.

Poker can become a primary career

While no one will ever suggest you take any casino game as your primary career and source of income, there are players who have done so and have become rich doing so. In fact, several sportspersons have also taken poker as their lucrative second career after retiring from sports. Known identities like Teddy Sheringham, who played Football, and writer Victoria Coren Mitchell have proved that poker can provide a professional career to serious players.


The longest poker game

You will definitely love this one. While poker games are known to be slow and last for hours, but you cannot guess how long the longest poker game in history lasted. In 1881, a game was conducted in the basement of a theatre in Arizona that is reported to have lasted for eight years, five months, and three days. Sure there were breaks, but the legend says the game was playing continuously on a 24-hour basis with occasional breaks and sleeps. Another report suggests that $10,000,000 was changed during this marathon of poker.