Key Steps to Legalizing Online Sports
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New York prohibits in-state collegiate betting
Online sports betting in New York has been banned for some time, but this is about to change.
Currently, New York does not allow in-state collegiate betting. However, it will allow bets on
college tournaments in New York. Online sportsbooks will also be able to offer bets on games
played within the state. In-state college betting is still not allowed, but there are some
Delaware legalizes single-event wagering
On June 5, 2018, Delaware became the second state to legalize single-event wagering, with the
three casinos in the state offering the new service. The Supreme Court recently ruled the federal
law that restricted sports betting to Nevada to be unconstitutional. The state has been waiting for
a new gaming option to expand its economy, and the decision to legalize single-event wagering
comes at the perfect time.
Pennsylvania legalizes sports betting
Before the year 2000, sports betting in Pennsylvania was not permitted. But now, the state offers
sports betting opportunities to those over 21. Sports bettors can place their bets at land-based
casinos, racetracks, and even online sportsbooks. But before the state can legalize sports
betting, it must pass certain regulations. Below are the key steps to legalizing sports betting in
Pennsylvania. First, applicants must pay a $10 million licensing fee.
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Illinois legalizes sports betting
The U.S. Supreme Court recently lifted the federal ban on sports betting. This decision, known
as Christie v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, aimed to prevent people from betting on
professional sporting events. If successful, Illinois would be the second state in the country to
legalize sports betting. Illinois legislators have several months before a vote can be held on
legalizing sports betting. A state can also expand the number of gambling venues it offers by
expanding its existing gambling industry.
Michigan legalizes sports betting
Despite a shaky start, the state’s Republican Representative Brandt Iden is confident the sports
betting bill will pass this year. The bill was sent to the Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday
but will likely be delayed until the budget is sorted out. In the meantime, he continues to work
with tribal leaders and has built up goodwill among them. That goodwill may have been a factor
in Iden’s decision to push the sports betting bill through the legislature.
Virginia legalizes sports betting
The state of Virginia is on the brink of legalizing sports betting. The decision came in part due to
the state’s recent gambling expansion bills. The new sports betting laws in Virginia will allow
NASCAR tracks and professional sports stadiums to open sportsbooks. Meanwhile, the state will
tax the sports betting revenue at 15 percent. If the new sports betting laws go through, Virginia
could see legal sports betting in as early as 2020.